Items for Prayer May 2020

May 23rd 2020

Please pray for Jean Marks, recovering after a fall.

Please pray for the Pearson family at a difficult time.

Please pray for School leaders who are trying to find the best way to serve their communities in ever-changing circumstances. Pray for rest over the half-term break.

May 7th 2020

Please pray for all who are making decisions about lockdown - how long it lasts and how it may be eased. Pray for us as a Church that when we have decisions to make we choose wisely.

Please pray for people who are alone or afraid at this time that they would be comforted by the presence of God and his hope.

Please pray for Liz Bateman's grandson, for wisdom and skill for those treating him, for peace to surround the whole family and for healing.

There is only one special prayer request from the care homes and that is for Michelle, one of the Carers who needs Gods peace and blessing to surround her, so that she would be able to recover and return to work.


We need to give thanks for the Gods protection over the residents and carers during this time

May 5th 2020

Please pray for Bishop John and his wife, both of whom are suffering with Covid-19 Coronavirus at the moment.

May 3rd 2020

Please pray Alison Wooding's sister, in hospital in Sheffield. Alison has sent us a sermon for today. She is Assistant Dean of Community in Church Army.

Please pray for Rosie Rushton's granddaughter who is having an MRI on her heart on the 12th of May and may have to have open heart surgery sooner than we had hoped.

Please pray for all those who have found this week the hardest of lock-down so far.

Items for Prayer April 2020

April 26th 2020 Updates

Please pray for Julie Parsons, her family and friends following the death of her Mother today   

Please pray for Jessica Mobley's Grandad, Norman who is unwell.

Please pray for Peter, husband of a Foodbank Volunteer, in ICU in Kettering

Please pray for all of our local schools as they seek to support children, young people and families. Pray for the hundreds of staff of schools in our area that they would know comfort, peace and that they are loved so that they can serve their school communities.

An Update from our local Care Homes

The Leys – Jean who appeared on the prayer list last week has greatly improved and we give thanks and look for the complete re-establishment of her health.  Hillary has been transferred to the Leys from hospital requires our prayers.

Southfields – please continue to pray for Sheila.  Maureen also especially needs our prayers.

Pray for all staff, residents and family and friends that God will protect them, keep them safe from harm and be especially close to them in their time of need.


Week of April 19th 2020

An Update From Peter Angus

Please find below prayer requests from the Residential Care Homes.

The Leys – George who appeared on my last prayer request has sadly passed away, please pray for his family and his carers.  Jean remains seriously ill and requires our prayers.

Southfields – Please pray especially for Louise, one of the carers and our main point of contact, as well as her husband Peter.  Please pray for these residents who are unwell – Norman, Sheila, Grace.

Generally please pray for all staff and residents that God will protect them and keep them from harm.


Blessings, Peter


In the darker moments, when clouds gather

and the heaviness we feel seems overwhelming,

remind us of your love, carrying the weight

of so much in that cross, embracing the world

with arms outstretched that we might know

freedom from the chains which now constrain us.

Bring us to your light, release our burdens

and from despair bring hope.


©John Birch,


From Julie Parsons


please can you pray for the funding applications i am submitting for emmanuel and the foodbank. the financial crash means grant-providers (investors) will have less to give, while the demand is higher due to greater need.  but god is our provider and all resources are his. 




From Geoffrey Herbert

Please God give us the patience and skills to use all the methods we can to unite us and to support each other in this time of anxiety and loneliness.


Please pray The Leys and Southfields Care Homes. Peter has contacted both. Please pray for protection for residents and staff. Please particularly pray for Joan and George in the Leys who are both unwell.


From Andrew Jones

I pray for my fathers careers the Norton nurses staff that they stay in good health and that the other clients of theirs for the same.


From Jean 

please pray for my next door neighbours Clive and Barbara


From Levi, over in Gainesville, Florida

Please pray for K, who is coughing. Hoping it turns out just to be allergies.

From Haydon

Please pray for all of us who are trying to lead Churches in this new 'era'. We all need esach other. I am also praying that I will be prepared as and when people face emotional or physical challenges, both now and in the future. The impact and consequences of this moment in our history could be very long-lasting. To journey alongside the hurting and broken is a great gift and privilege.

I also pray that as they search for hope and a safe place to call home spiritually at this time, many find it with God and in Emmanuel.

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