Praises May 2020

Thank God that people are expressing interest in faith and in joining our Church family. Pray that this might continue and that we would know how to respond when asked questions, in a way that is helpful and builds people up.

Thank God that our work with schools is being well-received at the moment, particularly by Northampton Academy.

Thank God that we continue to be able to serve and support large numbers of people in the local community through the work of the Foodbank and Cafe Emm. Thank you for all the voluntary help that has been offered to these works during this period.

Thank God that we are seeing remarkable levels of financial generosity too and that Julie Parsons continues to be hugely successful with her work of fundraising on behalf of the Group of Churches.

Thank God that we are able to meet together, albeit not physically.

Thank God that we are able to have so many positive relationships with those in the community around us. 

Thank God for the great work going on with children, young people and families during the time of Covid-19 (and has been going on for many years before that, too).

Praises April 2020

From Geoffrey Herbert

Praise God that that in this time when we are isolated from each other:

a) we are not isolated from God - we can pray to Him as usual, or more often!
b) there is more technology available to keep us linked together, (not forgetting the humble phone!).

From Julie Parsons and the Staff Team

Praise God that we have been successful with several funding applications made since the beginining of the Covid-19 Crisis which have meant that we are able to serve our community in various ways:

We have funding to pay all of our staff for the immediate future.

We can run Foodbank both in the Weston Favell Centre and throgh deliveries.

Our work with children, young people and famiilies is able to continue

We have also received some funding towards elements of work which needs to be done in our building.

From Haydon

The astonishing generosity people have shown financially and in terms of giving food to the Foodbank.

The way that people are connecting with what we are doing online and we are seeing newer people joining in as well as more regular folks. Please pray for those with questions and those who are seeking that they would find hope in God during this time.

I'm so thankful for the amazing way the Church has pulled together and coped with changes and doing things in new ways. It's been tough and we're not perfect but a lot of things are going very well.

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